Ozatal Metals and Solutions Pvt Ltd, an advanced manufacturing company, established in Kerala, strives to manufacture a plethora of Architectural Hardware, fulfilling every need of the industry along with embedding technology-driven solutions to cater to the Smart City projects all over the world. We understand your requirements and hence delivering symmetrical elegance and being a one-stop solution for all your needs is what we aim for. Ozatal is a niche company managed by seasonal professionals, and driven by innovation and futuristic ideas, engaging in the systematic practice of research, design, and engineering. We manufacture architectural hardware and Smart City project solutions for the next generation construction requirements as per the international standards.






Years of Experience



Our Specialities

project image Modern Commercial Building Interior Design
  • High-quality Architectural hardware in Engineers’ Choice.
  • All kinds of Hardware and technology solutions for Smart City projects.
  • High value to the investment.
  • Constant product enhancement through research in all spheres.
  • The State of Art in-house Design and R&D Team.
  • Suitable for all Climate.
  • Available in all high grades.
  • Managed by expert professionals.


We aspire to manufacture all sorts of Architectural Hardware and to develop technology-driven solutions as per the requirements of Smart City projects all over the world. We focus mainly on the following verticals in the housing and Smart City industry:
  1. To manufacture all kinds of Architectural Hardware.
  2. To manufacture a wealth of metal products for the housing and construction industry.
  3. To form all varieties of Louvers and allied products.
  4.  To produce all sorts of technology-driven parking solutions and systems.
  5. To develop all set of technology-driven products, solutions, and accessories for Smart Homes.
  6. To develop and supply all kinds of products required to build true Smart Cities components such as security gates and barriers.
  7. To manufacture Smart Utility Meters for Smart Homes and industries.
  8. To build IOT devices and their hardware and software solutions.
  9. To develop all kinds of Electronic Hardware for the housing and construction industry.
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Why Ozatal


As a front runner and pioneer in the industry, OZATAL maintains a static place in the minds of high-value builders and architects. Our product offers, safer structure to many skyscrapers across the globe, especially in many European, Gulf, and Asian countries. Now we are gradually progressing to the African and American continent through valuable consultants. Today, OZATAL has become the prominent and largest supplier of the architectural hardware industry through:


  • High-quality professionalism in Management and customer service.
  • The continuous quest for technology development
  • Back office engineering support in every need
  • Customized product in minimal time and for all the requirements
  • Big Dealer network 
  • The huge number of highly trained implementors for Ozatal Product.
  • Project Support and Customer Service Team